EasyPro is Your Premier Solution For All-encompassing Legal Management Needs In Malaysia

Case Management

  • Digitize your files and go paperless with EasyPro, the leading law firm software in Malaysia.
  • Streamline data entry with simple and efficient fields for quick input.
  • Integrate and synchronize your schedule seamlessly with Google Calendar using our advanced legal management software.
  • Track and record time costs spent on each case effortlessly.
  • Benefit from a highly secured and centralized database for enhanced data management with our cutting-edge law management software

Client Management

  • Organize client records effortlessly with EasyPro, the comprehensive legal software in Malaysia.
  • Forget about the exhaustive way of saving client contacts through Excel
  • Linked client records provide comprehensive data, including attached documents, invoices, and receipts.
  • Utilize a flexible search engine for quick access to everything you need in your law firm accounting software in Malaysia.

Document Management and Draft Generator

  • Explore the Template Library in EasyPro, offering preloaded document templates for easy customization in your law management software.
  • Minimize clerical errors by auto-drafting court documents, letters and, agreements and print them immediately within a single click
  • Manage and track office documents efficiently with the Template Explorer.
  • Save time with easy sharing of document templates within your firm.
  • Enjoy instant printouts of auto-drafted documents with our advanced legal management software.

SOP Checklist and Analytics Dashboard

  • Email notifications to alert you when the tasks are overdue
  • Utilize EasyPro’s established SOP Checklist for an efficient workflow in common legal practices.
  • Access a comprehensive overview of daily operations and reminders through the Analytics Dashboard in our state-of-the-art law firm software.
  • Stay organized with Google Calendar Sync and email notifications for overdue tasks in your legal management software.

Automated billing and quoting system

  • Track all billing activities in detailed & printable reports
  • Prepare accurate invoices and quotations with EasyPro’s built-in customized templates, a hallmark of our law firm accounting software in Malaysia.
  • Monitor advance payments and track billing activities with detailed reports in your legal management software.
  • Centralized database for issuing receipts and payment vouchers in your comprehensive law management software.

Accounting Management

  • Separate accounts between office and clients for precise financial tracking in EasyPro’s law firm accounting software.
  • Generate client ledger & trial balance report with detailed transaction instantly
  • Perform easy account adjustments with a user-friendly entry form.
  • Various types of trust fees transfer keep all accounts balanced
  • Keep track of transactions within your firm without overdrawing the account
  • Bank Reconciliation to verify IN & OUT transactions
  • Maintain balanced trust fees transfer and track transactions securely with our advanced legal software in Malaysia.
  • Ensure SST compliance with EasyPro’s comprehensive features in your law management software.

Business Analysis & Reports

  • Generate revenue analysis reports, incentive reports, client ledger, trial balance, profit & loss reports
  • Gain insights with powerful analytic reports and dashboards on business, staff, and firm performances.
  • Monitor outstanding bills and generate revenue analysis reports effortlessly in our advanced law firm software.
  • Print reports easily with full Microsoft Office compatibility, a key feature of our legal management software.

Security & User Control

  • Control access to private databases based on firm practices with EasyPro’s robust security features in your law management software.
  • Define security levels according to user roles for enhanced control.

Communication Platform

  • Facilitate hassle-free internal communication with EasyPro’s linked database in our comprehensive law firm software.
  • Ping colleagues for appointments, court matters, and tasks with convenient reminders.
  • Send attachments seamlessly via the chat platform.
  • Save time by sending bulk messages to multiple recipients at once in your advanced legal management software.

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EasyPro is a leading law firm software in Malaysia that provides a comprehensive solution for legal management. Tailored for efficiency, it seamlessly combines case management, client organization, and document automation. EasyPro is a complete legal management software that helps law firms become more efficient and secure. It offers a paperless and streamlined experience. Discover a transformative legal practice management experience with EasyPro, redefining the landscape of legal software in Malaysia.

Experience unmatched financial management capabilities with EasyPro, the premier choice for law firm accounting software in Malaysia. Featuring separate accounts, instant reports, and SST compliance, EasyPro takes a Taking a holistic approach. to financial control. As a comprehensive legal management software, EasyPro elevates business analysis with powerful analytics, revenue reports, and full Microsoft Office compatibility. Prioritizing security and user control, EasyPro offers robust access control and customizable security levels. If you need software for managing law or a comprehensive legal software in Malaysia, EasyPro can help you become more productive and successful in the competitive legal field. Opt for EasyPro for a transformative legal practice management experience.

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